Anti Touch Key


MADE FROM SAFE MATERIAL BRASS: Our safety key is made from Brass so it is an inherent resistance to harmful stains ( particles DO NOT penetrate through brass) which provide you with a safer way to utilize public touchscreens, to open doors, and to press buttons. It is safe and Eco friendly.

It helps to prevent direct contact with any contaminated surfaces. It provides a safer way to use ATM buttons, push the elevator button, pulls drawer handles and doorknobs, to press switches, flushing a toilet, and carrying grocery bags without touching them directly. It helps you to keep your hands always clean.

Open doors, operate lifts, use ATMs without touching them! Very suitable for everyone, especially people going to the office, children and for aged people use it to Safely press any touch keys, buttons, auxiliary precautions, folding sticks, handles, gifts, etc. Easy to press buttons, move a chair, flush a toilet, and carry grocery bags, etc.



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